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My name is Katja-Maria Chladek and I am happy you decided to visit Chladek-Genealogie.


Chladek-Genealogie is a company dedicated to family research. Since more than 10 years I own this company with the main focus of genealogical research and work in this research field since more than 15 years. So, I have quite a lot of experience which adds to my academic background as I have university degrees in Law, History, and Political Science from the University of Vienna.


What services can you expect from Chladek-Genealogie:


My field of expertise is the former Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy and there I focus mostly of Austria and Czech, the former Austrian regions in Italy and the Western Provinces of Hungary.


Additionally, I do sometimes researches concerning other former countries of the Habsburg Monarchy like the other provinces of Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Croatia.


In special cases I do also research concerning Germany, Swiss, United Kingdom and the United States.


So, if your family linage comes from the former Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy I will gladly help you to add to your knowledge of your family history in researching your family tree or search for lost documents. Additional I can visit with you the important places in your family history in Vienna and near regions. For this I can arrange with Mr. Dragan Ristić ( a bus tour for up to 6 people. 


Of course, if you wish other kinds of research please feel free to contact me and let´s see how to work your request.


Concerning my fee, I work with pre-agreed time contingents to give my clients the possibility to control their costs. 



I hope these information are helpful for you and I look forward to our contact.


Thank you for visiting Chladek-Genealogie and with best regards


               Katja-Maria Chladek 







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