April 16, 2013


I am extremely happy with the professional services of Mag. Katja-Maria Chladek. In January 2012, I started working with her after deciding to pursue some mysteries revolving my family passing through Austria.


My maternal grandfather had a brother who separated from the rest of the family, and the only information we had was a picture of his tombstone and reports that he died in Vienna. Of course, nothing is easy. Searches by Katja-Maria of several databases showed no evidence of him, but she did not give up so easily. After searching surrounding area cemeteries, an index of Ybbs hinted a possible success, but it was only after contacting a local expert did Katja-Maria prove that my granduncle’s tombstone had been removed by the Nazis, used as building material and later miraculously was one of 75 (of 300) returned to the cemetery in the 1960s though the base of the marker was lost. Katja-Maria tracked down books that confirmed that my granduncle was residing in a sanatorium for mental health and documents that showed his definite cause of death along with dates of birth and death. After three months, I was able to answer all my relatives’ questions about the picture of the tombstone and our granduncle that died so young!


We searched for other relatives that may have passed through Austria, but not much success on those.


When a visit with a distant cousin, revealed a postcard from my paternal grandfather while serving in the Austro-Hungarian Army to his parents at an address in Vienna, I knew that Katja-Maria would be the one to figure out the mystery. His parents lived in Ulanow, Poland. Why would the postcard go to Vienna? She tracked down that my paternal great grandparents were staying at a hotel in the city, by locating the registration of visitors to town. Really! You can locate people who were vacationing in Vienna 100 years ago! Well, of course you need Katja-Maria to help you!


I highly recommend Mag. Katja-Maria Chladek for researching genealogy. I was amazed at how she pursued the leads like a detective on a case! She constantly remained in contact with me regarding successes and failures, and always checking to make sure the charges were acceptable.




Michael Baron, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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