A virtual tour through your family history

I am happy to offer you as a new service  a virtual journey to the important  places of your Austrian family history.


Together with the professional photographer Mr. Tom Poe I will accompany you during your visit to the special family places  and tell you about my research results, while Mr. Poe is taking expressive pictures of the important places of your history.


Of course if you can't visit Austria, Mr. Poe and I will visit the family places for you and send you the result to your home.


Mr. Poe offers you the following packets:


Photo Reportage:

2 hours picture taking with about 20 pictures including editing for 250 Euro plus taxes and additional 40 Euro per hour for travel time.


Photo book:

3 hours picture taking with about 40 photos including editing and  arrangement  in a photo book for 400 Euro plus taxes and additional 40 Euro per hour for travel time.


Of course any other configuration is possible. If you have individual wishes just ask we will do our best to make them possible.


As this virtual journey is the result of my prior research work, my charge for my participation including planning the tour, is 40 Euro per hour plus taxes and expenses.


Mr. Poe also offers a special service concerning retouching of old photos. Depending of the picture ´s quality he offers his service between  20 to 60 Euro per photo plus taxes.


Here is the Link to Mr. Poe´s  Homepage .


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